when i grow up lyrics – nf

when i grow up lyrics – nf lyrics

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ya when i grow up
you know what i wanna be
take a seat let me tell
you my ridiculous dreams
i wanna rap yeah
i know it’s hard to believe
and i can tell you’re already
thinkin i will never succeed
but i’m ok with it
i admit the lyrics are weak
i’ve been workin on em
i’ll be good eventually
i understand you gotta crawl
before you get to your feet
but i been running for
a while they ain’t ready for me

i know this polly
isn’t really realistic
and honestly i might
not ever make a difference
but that don’t
make a difference
i’ma have to risk it
i’ve been crunchin numbers you
ain’t gotta be a mathematician
to see the odds
ain’t rootin for me
i can’t lie though
that’s kinda how i like it to be
the underdog yeah you prolly
think you know what i mean
but what i’m sayin is they
ever push me i’m gonna swing yeah
i could go to college get
in debt like everybody else
graduate and prolly get a job
that doesn’t pay the bills
that don’t make a lot of sense
to me forget the happy meals
i don’t like the dollar menu
i would rather make a meal

make a mil
na i said make a meal
home cookin get the grill how
you want it pretty well
everything i see is over
done to me, i’m not adele
but i’ma get a record deal
and say hello to mass appeal

when i grow up
i just want to pay my bills
rappin about the way i feel
oh yeah
i just wanna make a couple mill
leave it to the fam in the will oh yea
i just wanna sign a record deal
maybe buy a house up
in the hills oh yea
might not be the best in my field
but i guarantee that i’ma die real
when i grow up

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